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Jasmine Marshall-Butler

Owner, Slay Your Stay ​Travel Company

Ready to start planning your next getaway? From solo ​cruises to destination weddings, we take the hassle out of ​travel planning so you can SLAY your STAY!



Destination ​Weddings

Travel Planning Packages

Intended for planning individual vacations

Group trips such as family reunion, girls ​trips, bachelorette parties, etc. Includes ​customized booking site.

Destination weddings of 10 rooms or ​more. Includes customized booking site ​and wedding contract negotiations.

Where we’re going...

Don’t want the stress of figuring out where to go and when? ​Check out our upcoming trips and book one that piques your ​int​erest!

Book your dream vacation with ​Slay Your Stay Travel Company

We​ always plan with your best interest in mind!

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